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Terms and Conditions of Using My Bible and its printable resources.

My Bible Crafts / Bible Kids Fun Zone / Sunday School Fun Zone Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Using My Bible Crafts website and its contents and printable resources (Revised September 16, 2015). The updated terms are in addition to any previous terms and conditions.

By using the website or any of its contents or printing or downloading the resources, you are agreeing to the BIble Kids Fun Zone (the business that owns Terms and Conditions. Bible Kids Fun Zone may be abbreviated as BKFZ. "You" means the person or software viewing or attempting to use our websites or resources. By using our websites and resources, either free or purchased, you are agreeing that you understand and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Bible Kids Fun Zone (business that owns website):

The Terms and Conditions below apply to both free resources and purchased resources. When you purchase any of the resources on, they are for use at one local preschool or one local church. If a church or school has buildings in multiple locations, each location needs to purchase their own copy of the resources if they want to use it. The purchaser may share hard copies, made on a copier, of the resources, in person only, with the teachers of the same school at the same location only. No resources may be shared electronically, nor uploaded to any device. The resources may not be shared between different locations, or at more than one church or preschool. These resources are not permitted to be used in any online school.

Part I "Sharing" of Resources

No part of these resources (text, photos, craft pages, coloring pages, logos, graphics, etc.) may be stored, shared or uploaded to any service, blog, email program, image-sharing website, phone, server, nor to any other website, device (except for allowed uses below in Part II and Part III). These are copyrighted materials, owned by Bible Kids Fun Zone. The only thing you may share are the 2" small thumnails of the crafts and printables from the public part of the website, as long as they are not photos of children, and as long as they are not logos or trademarks, and as long as they meet the requirements listed below.

Derivative Works

If you or a child using our resources, creates a derivative work (makes a craft or activity using our craft pages or coloring pages) you may place a photo of by your craft sample on your website or blog, provided that you put a link back to our website that you obtained it from, with the web address visible (font size 12 or larger) ; AND link only to the web page, and not to an image

Part II Resources Which Bible Kids Fun Zone (owner of Allows to Be Shared, and Conditions of Sharing

The only images you are allowed to share are the 2-4" images (thumbnails) of the craft pages, 2-4" images of the coloring pages, or 2-4" images of the craft samples. Further, if you share it by uploading one of 2-4" thumbnails to another website, blog or device, you may not link to the image, but must provide a link back to the web page that the image is on, with the URL of our website or blog visible in the text. You may not share the full-sized printable pages, whether free or purchased downloaded files.

Part III Allowed Uses of My Bible Crafts Purchased Resources:

The ONLY five legal uses for these resources are the following in Part III and Part II (above) of Bible Kids Fun Zone Terms and Conditions.

1. To download the pdf that was offered free of charge, or that you purchased as a one-time download.

2. To store the pdf file on one computer, and make one back-up copy of the pdf file onto an external hard drive (suggested).

3. To print and make copies of the printable pages and craft instructions for your own personal use (children in your immediate family).

4. To make copies of the full-size printable downloaded pages on a photocopier for your own family and your own classes at ONE local preschool OR church. If you are a teacher at a church and a preschool, you may use the resources for your classes at those TWO locations only (as well as for your own immediate family). You may also share the resources (offline only) with the other teachers at that same one local church and local preschool (if you, the teacher who purchased the download, works at both a church and a preschool).

If you want to use the resources for an online school, mission organization, church, school or any other organization with more than one local setting, you will need special permission to use these resources. Contact Bible Kids Fun Zone for permission or special pricing, in some cases, or if you have any questions on the above.

Thank you for respecting copyrights.

For any other uses, contact Bible Kids Fun Zone for permission.

Part IV Other Uses of Bible Kids Fun Zone's Websites and Resources That are Not Allowed

No copying any part of the websites, nor any of the resources on the websites is permitted.

No making derivative works is permitted.

No framing of this website is permitted.

No part of these resources may be sold or distributed.

Part V Indemnity

Since hackers can alter a website or its contents or insert malware, viruses, etc., without the owner's knowledge, you agree to hold Bible Kids Fun Zone and its owner harmless if any harm comes to you because of downloading these resources or using any of our websites or blogs. You agree not to sue Bible Kids Fun Zone or its owner. You agree that no monetary compensation will be provided if any harm comes to you because of using Bible Kids Fun Zone printable resources or any of its websites including My Bible

Part VI Changes in Internet, Websites, Laws, Technology or Third Party Software or Hardware

While Bible Kids Fun Zone does try to keep up with technology to some degree, we make no claim that our websites or resources can be viewed or downloaded on any mobile device or other new technology. You agree to hold us harmless if you cannot use our resources on certain phones and devices.

You agree that you are using our resources "as is" at the time they were viewed or purchased, and that Bible Kids Fun Zone and its owner will not be held responsible, and will be held harmless, if the case of any changes BKFZ consider's outside of its control (ie.,changes in the law; changes in the internet or internet service; our website being hacked or taken down; or any changes in the free software that is now provided by third parties with which our resources are viewed, opened, downloaded and printed; or any other changes outside of our control). We advise that you always keep a printed (paper) master copy of our printable resources in case of an event occurs, that would it impossible or difficult for you to view, open, download or use our resources (ie., a natural disaster or nuclear accident that would interrupt internet service; attacks on our websites or servers; changes in laws; or changes in third party hardware or software, etc.), or any other changes that BKFZ believes is not within our ability to affect, or solve, the problems it caused).

By using our websites or downloading the resources on My Bible, or any of its Bible Kids Fun Zone's associated websites you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.


Updated 03/14/13 - The updated terms are in addition to any previous terms and conditions.

Visiting or viewing the website and/or any of the resources means that you accept and will adhere to the terms and conditions below.

All of the lessons, crafts, printable pages, words, craft instructions, articles, photos, illustrations, sketches, web design, and images on our websites (, and are the copyrighted property of Bible Kids Fun Zone. None of our resources may be uploaded to another website, shared or stored on any electronic device, except for the following: The only exception to this is that the small thumbnail photographs of the craft samples or craft pages may be uploated to other websites, blogs or sharing websites, provided you link back to the web page of the image, and that you link to the web page and NOT to the image itself.

Allowed uses of our children's coloring pages, crafts, lesson pages, craft instructions, devotions, activity pages, and games are as follows: Provided that you follow the REQUIREMENTS below, these may be printed and/or reproduced at no charge for use in preschools, churches, Sunday schools, foster homes, missions programs, Vacation Bible schools, home schools, Bible studies, youth groups, church schools, or any school or home for noncommercial uses. None of our printable resources may be uploaded to any church or other website. All other uses must obtain written permission, whether offered free on our website or purchased resources. Requirements for printables: Our copyright information must be clearly visible on each sheet that you use. If you reproduce the whole page as it was online, you generally don't need to add anything. It is usually all there. But if you are having printing problems and it does not appear on the printed page, you must add the copyright on each reprint.

Permission for use of both our free children's coloring pages, craft pages, lessons, devotions, activity pages, and games (as well as all of the same content in the purchased resources) are as follows: Provided that you follow the REQUIREMENTS below, these may be printed and/or reproduced at no charge for use in preschools, churches, Sunday schools, foster homes, missions programs, Vacation Bible schools, home schools, Bible studies, youth groups, church schools, or any school or homes for childcare. See REQUIREMENTS below:

This also includes using the devotions and black & white sketches as handouts, printing for missions purposes, using them in your church bulletin, vacation Bible school, church newsletters, youth group newsletter, or your Sunday School children's church activity sheets. All other uses must obtain written permission, even if purchased in the Fun Packs. All of the same conditions apply to the content in the purchased resources.

No commercial use or mass reprinting or publication is allowed without special written permission.

REQUIREMENTS: Our copyright notice must be included on each sheet. If you reproduce the whole page as it was on-line, you generally don't need to add anything. It is usually all there. But if you are having printing problems and it does not appear on the printed page, you must add the copyright on each reprint.

USE ON OTHER WEB SITES: Do not publish any Bible Kids Fun Zone material on any Web site or other Internet location. No exceptions. Everything is copyrighted. None of our coloring pages, activities, graphics or other content pages are available for use on other Web sites. You have our permission to make links to our home web page:

SALES OR COMMERCIAL USE PROHIBITED; Special, written permission must always be obtained for the following types of uses...

* Sales or commercial use

* Reproduction in magazines, books, flyers, tracts, etc.

* Use of material in derivative works

* Reprinting or publishing pictures, graphics, animations, video, audio, etc.

* Mass distribution by e-mail, printed copies, or in any other form

* Framing any page on our site(s) in a page on another site

* Posting of pages, content, illustrations, graphics, animation, video, audio, photos, etc. on another Web site or on a newsgroup (Requests for such use will be declined due to legal agreements.

If you would like to let your website visitors, chat rooms or newsgroups know about any content on a page owned by Bible Kids Fun Zone, post a link to the BibleKidsFun Zone URL, Sunday-school-fun-zone url or mybiblecrafts URL, not to the page itself.) All rights are reserved by the copyright owner.

SPECIAL PERMISSION: If you have a special need to reproduce or publish any content of Bible Kids Fun Zone's websotes, contact us for permission in writing. Be sure to be very specific, and include your full name, name of organization, address, phone and email. Please be patient for a response. If you would like to quote anything in the devotions or on the site, please follow these guidelines: You have permission to make short quotations from Bible Kids Fun Zone's websites for use in articles or, books, and in newsgroups and chat rooms, provided the author and source of each quotation is correctly stated with each use. However, quoting more than a couple of paragraphs would be an example of plagarism and is prohibited.

REPRODUCING BLACK & WHITE SKETCHES, COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS, PHOTOGRAPHS, FLASH ANIMATIONS, WRITTEN CONTENT PROHIBITED: Our photographs, illustrations, sketches, coloring pages, crafts, animations, written content and Flash movies are copyrighted. Do not reproduce or copy them in printed form in any way or use them on other Web sites (with the exceptions listed in paragraph one). All rights are reserved. Bible Kids Fun Zone graphics, illustrations, and sketches are NOT stock photography or clip art. The b&w and color illustrations contained on this site are originals produced by us using considerable time and expense. They are not for sale or use on other sites, as our focus is on ministry that influences children and families all over the world, as well as the secondary focus of marketing our online products. This will be our continued focus, and do not wish to spend time researching reproduction permission requests, as it is time-consuming and would be a distraction from our purpose. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

LINKING TO BIBLE KIDS FUN ZONE You are encouraged to link to BIBLEKIDSFUNZONE.COM pages, provided you are stating the truth about who the linked page belongs to. FRAMING TO THIS SITE OR ANY PART OF IT ON ANOTHER SITE IS PROHIBITED. Do NOT frame our pages in any form. We also prohibit off-site links to any program files, or graphics.

LOGOS AND TRADEMARKS: Be aware that our name, logos and web page designs are also copyrighted material. These are legally protected and belong to Bible Kids Fun Zone. Contact us if you have any questions.

WEBSITES, NEWS GROUPS BLOGS, AND CHAT ROOMS: Do NOT POST any material from Bible Kids Fun Zone's websites or blogs on any other Web site, blog, newsgroup or chat room. All material is copyrighted under U.S. and International Copyright Laws. Please respect the legal rights of copyright owners to have control over their creative works. Without written permission, it is against the law to publish, copy, reproduce or plagiarize content from this Web site (or any other site) and put it on your own Web site or anyone else's. Content includes illustrations, images, photographs, writen content, audio, video, html code, etc. The same is true of posting it in a newsgroup or chat room.This is infringement of the copyright owner's rights under U.S. and International Copyright Law and has serious consequences and penalties. This is true for religious and educational organizations as well. We intend to fully protect all of the content on If you have violated the law, you are legally responsible for quckly resolving the issue by removing the violations. It would be a good idea to let us know what has happened and that you have corrected the problem so that a legal issue does not arise.

If you have a special request to use content on the website for another use, please contact us, but first read the Special Requests section above.

FRAMING: Framing of this Web site or any part of it on another web site is prohibited. All content (including text, graphics, Flash movies, HTML code, Java, etc.) contained on this Web site is copyrighted and may not be used without written permission.


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