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Children love pop-ups! Now even very young children can make their own (with a little help from you with the cutting). The Pop-up Bible Story books and crafts on this website are designed especially for preschoolers and primary grades.

Bible Pop-ups on My Bible Crafts Bible Pop-up Books for Children to Make Bible Story Pop-up Crafts for Kids to Make
Books for Kids - How to Make Pop-ups Bible Story Pop-up Books for Kids Free Pop-us for Kids to Make for Bible Stories
Bible Pop-ups on My Bible Crafts Website

Who doesn't love the surprise Pop-up crafts! Pop-up books have delighted children (and grown-ups) for ages. Because of their growing popularity, there are many pop-up books for children, and even Bible pop-up books on the market. Of course, the downside of pop-up books is that they tend to get lots of use and get torn. That's where printable Bible story pop-up books and crafts come in: You can print and make more copies of them whenever you need to if they get torn, without having to re-purchase a book.

Some pop-up are very beautiful and elaborate, but we purposely keep our color and fold pop-ups simple so young children can have fun making them. My Bible Crafts' pop-ups are all very easy to make with just a little cutting for the parent or teacher. Then children can have a good time coloring, folding and gluing the craft pages - easy enough for even preschoolers. Then they have a fun Bible "toy craft" to play with to help them re-tell the Bible story. Children will also be learning paper engineering skills and be in the process of learning how to design their own pop-ups. They will be proud to say, "I made it myself!"

These aren't just more fun crafts for kids. You, as a teacher or parent can use them to have an exciting interactive way to teach important Bible stories or Sunday school lessons. They will keep children's attention focused on the Bible story and help them be active in their learning, so that they will remember the Bible stories for years to come. Some of our Bible story pop-ups come in color (in addition to black and white) so you as the teacher or parent can make them up into crafts without having to color them. They all come in black and white craft pages for the children to color and make their own. All of the resources on all three of our websites are printable. The ones on My Bible Crafts come as pdf files as a download.

Since pop-ups are a favorite, we put all of our pop-up Bible story books and crafts in one place - on this page. We'll be adding more as they are created for the My Bible Crafts website.

Here is a list of books to help children to learn how to make pop-ups. Its quite a fun creative project once you get started. We've listed some other helpful information about pop-up books for kids below.

If you are looking for Bible Pop-up books for children, sometimes you can purchase them at a dollar store very inexpensively. Here is a list of other Bible pop-up and moveable books for young children.

See the links to some free DIY bible story pop-ups for kids to make below.

Pop-up and Moveable Bible Story Books and Crafts for Children to Make on My Bible Crafts Website

Noah Bible Story Pop-up Book for Kids to Make (New!)

There is a Pop-up Butterfly craft in our Easter / Palm Sunday theme

Moveable Tomb craft with a pull-tab in our Easter / Palm Sunday theme

Creation Bible Story Pop-up Craft - (Combine the pages to make a Creation Bible Story Pop-up Book).

The pop-up crafts that make up the Bible Story Books can all be made into individual crafts and used for Sunday school lessons or story time at home, as well.

Books to help children to learn how to make pop-ups
Lots of times, you can find these books at your local library. Once you learn the basics, kids' imaginations will kick in and they will soon be designing all types of pop-ups that adults would never think of.
Easy-to-Make Pop-ups, by Joan Irvine, Illustrated by Barbara Reid - This is a great book for beginners. It shows kids the basics of making easy pop-ups. How to Make Super Pop-ups by Joan Irvine - This book shows the how-tos of making simple pop-ups for kids just beginning to learn how to make their own DIY pop-ups.
Making Pop-ups by Janeen Brian, Design and Cover Illustration by Steven Woolman, Illustration by Cherith Harvey. This looks like a great step-by-step without all of the technical jargon that would be easy for children to follow. Let's Make It Pop-up By David A. Carter and James Diaz, - This is a fun book to get kids started. It has eight pop-ups already made up, and gives you the step-by-step instructions to make each one. There are pre-cut cards and color-illustrated pop-up parts already cut out for kids (in a little pocket in the back of the book) for kids to fold and glue on.
New Pop-up Paper Projects, by Paul Johnson - This book looks like it has quite extensive instructions for making lots of different kinds of pop-up, beginner and beyond. How to Make Holiday Pop-ups, by Joan Irvine - Another step-by-step book to help kids learn the basics of how to make pop-up books and cards.
Bible Pop-up Books for Young Children
My Bible Crafts does not receive any compensation for the following links, nor are they being recommended, as they have not been reviewed. The links are provided for your convenience for you to review.
My Bible Pop-up Stories, by Juliet David. This one has gotten quite good reviews. It has a bright colorful cover. The Bible Made Easy: A Pop-out, Pull-out, Interactive Bible Adventure, by Alan Parry can be found on Barnes and Nobles' website or the Alibris website.

Free Pop-ups for Kids to Make to Use For Learning Bible Stories

Funny pop-up cow craft for kids that could be used for the Bible story of when Joseph interprets the King's dream about the fat cow and the skinny cow in Genesis 41:1-36. Free Easter Story Download of his fun 3D Bible characters and tomb to set up the Easter story in your classroom. While probably too complicated for preschool ages to make, they would make a great visual aid to tell your Easter story. Free 3D Bible figures and a Town of Bethelem Paper Toy Set you can download from his My Little House blog, or you can purchase them in a printed book form.

Cool pop-up crafts that kids can use to make Bible crafts. These seem to be a little more complicated than the ones on my websites, and look to be appropriate for children in primary grades, or older. I give you the links to the pages, and some ideas of which Bible lessons you could use them for below.

The bird craft could be used in many bible lessons for birds, such as Matthew 25:25-27 for a Do Not Worry Lesson and looking at the birds as an example of how God takes care of them.

The Lion craft template download for Daniel and the Lions Bible story or the story of when David fights the lion and the bear before fighting Goliath in 1 Samuel 17:31-37.

The eagle craft could be used for a lesson about Isaiah 40:31 about how we can rise up on wings like the eagle

The pig pop-up craft could be used for the Bible story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32, who ends up with a job feeding pig before returning home to his father.

The butterfly pop-up craft could be used for a lesson about new life in Christ Jesus based on 2 Corinthians 5:17

The angel template can be used in teaching numerous Bible stories, such as Jesus' birth, etc.

The pop-up house craft could be used for a Sunday school lesson craft for the parable of the wise man who built his house on a rock in Matthew 7:24-27

The free ship download could be used as a craft for the Bible story of Jesus calming the water in Matthew 4:35-41

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