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Craft Themes Index for My Bible Crafts (Some of the Craft Themes now also include lessons)

To help you easily locate the crafts you're looking for we've organized them for you in a Craft Index by Bible Story or Concept, by Craft Category, by Craft Type and by Craft Supplies Used. Use the Bible Story / Concept index below to quickly find the craft to go with the Bible story or concept that you're teaching. The Craft Category tells you what exactly the kids will be making. The Craft Type is whether the craft is a magnet, puppet, toy type of craft, card, touch-n-feel tactile craft, etc. And If you have left-over craft supplies you're trying to use, take a look at the Craft Supplies index below (RIght column).

Craft Index - Four Quick Ways to Locate Bible Crafts For Kids to Make

(Listed alphabetically)

Bible Story / Concept

Craft Category Craft Type Craft Supplies Used


Adam and Eve


Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus - See Jesus is the Truth Lesson


Birth of Jesus


Butterfly (New Creature)


Creation Crafts


Daniel Crafts


Easter Card Kit - 1


Easter Crafts - 2

Personalized cross craft for kids


Garden of Gethsamane - See Jesus is the Truth Lesson


Good Shepherd Activities


Jesus' Birth - in Nativity Crafts theme


Jesus is the Way (Jesus Comforts his Disciples and explains the Way to the Father,


Jesus is the Truth (The Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemane, Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus)


Jesus is the Life (Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus)


Jesus' Resurrection (Also See Easter / Palm Sunday Crafts and Easter Cards and Crafts


Jesus Washes' the Disciples Feet


Last Supper Lesson - See Jesus is the Truth lesson


Lost Sheep / Lost Lamb - See Jesus is the Way Lesson


Mother's Day


Nativity Crafts


New Life in Christ Jesus


Noah's Ark


Palm Sunday Lesson/Skit


Palm Sunday Crafts

Palm Sunday Donkey Craft


Parable of the Lost Sheep - See Jesus is the Way Lesson


Resurrection Crafts


Salvation message for Childreni n the Jesus n' Me Lessons: Jesus is the Way lesson, and also in Jesus is the Life lesson


Sheep and Shepherd Lessons, Crafts and Activities - The Bible stories of the Parable of the Lost Sheep and Jesus - the Good Shepherd, Jesus n' Me lessons


Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem - (Palm Sunday)



Angel Crafts in Nativity Craft Theme


Angel Coloring Page and Story Picture in the 'Jesus is the Life' lesson


Animal Crafts


Bible Character Crafts:


Bible Kid Puppets - Girl and Boy 'Disciples Feet' Lesson


Bible Character Crafts - See Bible Story index (left)


Bird Crafts


Cloud Crafts


Cross Crafts in Palm Sunday Easter Crafts


Cross Crafts in the Jesus n' Me Series


Cross Crafts and Cross Cards in the Easter Cards and Crafts Kit download


Fish Crafts


Free BIble Crafts


Lamb Crafts - See Easter / Palm Sunday Crafts and Easter Cards and Crafts




Donkey Crafts in the Jesus n' Me Palm Sunday Lesson


Donkey Crafts in the Palm Sunday/Easter Crafts Theme


Light Crafts


Moveable BIble Story Crafts


Palm Branch Crafts in the Jesus n' Me Palm Sunday Lesson


Palm Branch Crafts in the Palm Sunday/Easter Crafts Theme


Plants and Trees Crafts


Sun, Moon, Stars Crafts


Sky and Cloud Crafts


Tomb Crafts in the Jesus is the Life Lesson with crafts and activities


Tomb Crafts in the Palm Sunday / Easter Crafts thene download


Tomb Crafts in the Easter Card Kit download


Bible Coloring Pages


Bible Games


Bible Skits


Cards for Kids to Make


Free Bible Crafts


Personalized Crafts




Stand-up Bible Characters




Pool Noodle Crafts


Swim Noodle Crafts



Why Use Bible Crafts in Your Curriculum?

Using our Bible lessons, crafts and activities can help keep kids engaged in their learning so they'll be sure to get the main concepts. My Bible has a variety of Bible story crafts and activities, and gives you ideas on how to use them to help children learn the Bible: Everything from printable Bible story stand-up characters and story sets, pop-up Bible crafts for kids to make, 3-D toy crafts, bible stickers, etc. Children often enjoy retelling their own version of the Bible story with the crafts they make. Families can also use these crafts to retell the Bible stories, and then have discussions with kids about the Bible story and what it means for them.

The printable lessons and crafts on are printable Christian crafts for children to make. Some use inexpensive craft supplies or recycled craft supplies. There are lots of fun "toy" types of crafts to help you teach children Bbile stories - pop-up crafts, moveable crafts, stickers, coloring pages, tactile or touch-n-feel activities. We add some fun activities and tips on how you can use the crafts to help children interact with you and get more out of the lesson as you teach.

Feel free to try some our free crafts. If you like what you see, bookmark this website so you can come back and see all the new Bible lessons, crafts and activities we have planned. Feel free to email with requests as well.

Below are some links to free Christian crafts and activities for children on the web.

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