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Free Bible Crafts for Kids
The free printable Bible crafts are found on each craft theme page. Now you can see them all at a glance. Links are provided for your convenience below. Check back from time to time to see the new free Bible crafts. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before downloading or printing the crafts.
Free Bible Crafts A - L Free Bible Crafts M - Z
Creation Crafts for each Day of Creation Mother's Day Crafts for Kids
Day 1 Creation craft - God Made the Light Bear-Shaped Notebook Craft
Day 2 Creation craft - God Made the Sky Flowers and Vase Craft
Day 3 Creation craft - God Made the Plants and Trees Jewely Box Craft
Day 4 Creation craft - God Made the Sun, Moon and Stars Flowers Door Hanger
Day 5 Creation craft - God Made the Birds Cello Vase of Flowers
Day 5 Creation craft - God Made the Fish Bouquet Craft
Day 6 Creation craft - God Made the Animals Foam Flower Candy Dish Craft
Day 6 Creation activity Floral Fleece Pillow craft
Day 6 Creation game No-sew Pin Cushion Craft
Day 6 Creation craft - God Made Adam and Eve Teddy Bear Hand Muff
  Teddy Bear Magazine File Craft
Resurrection Easter Crafts for Children Teddy Bear Note Pad Craft
Cross Craft for Kids Dry Erase Board Gift Craft
Butterfly (New Life in Christ) Craft Ice Cream Cone Mother's Day Card
  Teddy Bear Candy Gift Craft
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